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Joining the GAME OVER brand, you will be provided with impecable IT & Artwork support. All your marketing and promotional needs will be covered by our marketing department

With our association you will secure access to marketing kits. Our team will be available anytime depending on your needs following our global marketing standards

Likewise, all your demands regarding web support will be covered by our web development department

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    Graphics & Design

  • Social media content creation

  • Promotional marketing campaign (complimentary or on demand)

  • Google banners’ campaign adaptation

  • Newsletter design in accordance with GDPR

  • High quality photo and video content of the rooms

  • In-store screens, teaser videos

  • Ad hoc graphic elements

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    Web & Software development

  • Bilingual website creation & hosting

  • Website SSL certification

  • Unlimited number of corporate e-mail accounts (basic mail server

  • Updates / Website extensions

  • Game Over cloud account access

  • Web support, maintenance & updates

  • Web & Google Analytics

  • Booking system (complimentary basic, any third party system intergration)

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    Social Media & online ads

  • Creation of Social media pages (FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TRIPADVISOR)

  • Prescheduled social media promotion materials

  • Quality and Efficient of Social Media Channels *extra fees

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We design and provide a variety of location ID options to make them stand out and enhance the feeling by the time, visitors step in the place.

We offer the option to fully or partially create/decorate the branch, following our Brand ID and provide a wide variety of tailor made theming decorations that enhance the level of the experience.


Increase your business revenues by adding our unique collection of Merchandise products.

We design and produce branded clothing for GAME OVER employees but also a wide range of room themed merchandising options.

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Address: Katsiba 31

Agios Dimitrios, Athens, Greece

Postal Code: 17342

Phone: (+30) -2109370493

E-Mail: [email protected]


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