GAME OVER Escape Rooms design and create premium quality, themed escape games.
We aim in a fascinating, realistic player experience, as we combine high quality scenes with cutting edge technologies and unique riddles and puzzles attached to the storyline.
In addition our “new age” Marketing Services will help you to keep your business on top level.


As a result of the continuous research aiming the innovation in our field, the quality of our Products and our special Marketing Plan,
GAME OVER Escape Rooms consist one of the leading Escape Game companies worldwide.


ESCAPE ROOMS are interactive, really fascinating games that can put someone into a role according to the scenario.

The goal of the game is to solve a number of riddles, find hidden objects and clues so the players can solve the mystery and escape from the room on time.


ESCAPE GAMES have become a worldwide trend of entertainment over the last few years, gaming fans that integrate these games in their daily activity of entertainment, called escape gamers.

We design & create premium quality, themed Escape Games.

We can be available in any country worldwide.

We train your people how to operate the games, we provide you game and maintenance manuals.

If you have any questions, problems or suggestions you can call or email our online support department, 24h.

Free upgrades: If you do not like a trick or puzzle in the game, we will change it.

Autohelp Hint System is an automated way to control and guide the players in the room without having one Game Master operating each room.

You can use your own logo and commercial name or come under the GAME OVER Escape Rooms brand ID and marketing kits.

Joining our marketing services provide you extreme IT and dedicated Artwork support.


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