When an escape game is in operation, the players have to solve a number of riddles and puzzles so step by step they have find the exit within an hour. During these 60 minutes there is an operator (Game Master) which is watching  and listening to the players through cameras and microphones, so when they ask for an extra hint or a push he gives them the  proper hint by typing in a in-room monitor or talking to them directly through a microphone. As a result of this requirement, escape game companies need to have enough personnel to operate all the rooms properly. Of course this is a high expense for the business owner but necessary to keep the quality of the service in high levels.


Autohelp Hint System, (AHS) is a extra feature which GAME OVER escape rooms developed and install into escape games. It’s used instead of the usual game operator (Game Master). AHS’s mission is to monitor the players progress and when they need a hint or push, during the game, they get exactly the hint they need, directly from the system. This gives the ability to the owner to have less personnel expenses and high tech service offered to customers.


. One Game Master can operate 3-4 rooms at the same time
. Adjustable time frames between the given hints
. Available in English and Local Language
. Countdown timer on screen
. Themed Background for each room
. Operation -Maintenance Manuals available.
. Emergency button for further Help
. Spare Parts